Pole Mount HeliFan

Pole mount is a wonderful solution where facility has limited ceiling space, overhead obstruction which prevent installing a ceiling fan. Pole mount fan also be used in commercial applications where ceiling access is limited.

Pole fan Benefits

  • Most Efficient air cooling option compared to traditional air cooling equipment’s in terms of installation and maintenance.
  • Less energy consumption compare to air cooling systems.
  • Removes heat and prevents from contamination.
  • Cuts moisture in air so machines and equipment can be prevented from rust.
  • Adjustable fan speed. Covers very large area compare to celling and pedestal fan.
  • Offer silent operation. Supply winter desertification and summer cooling

Pole Fans Applications

  • Unique solution for large area where maximum air circulation is necessary. (Farm, Dairy Farming, Animal husbandry)
  • High Ceiling Infrastructure like Warehouses, Hangars, Industrial Facilities, Malls, Shopping Centers, Sports Halls.
  • Public gathering places or crowded places such as Entertaining Centers, Cafeterias, Libraries, Museums, Theater, Opera, Concert Halls, Fair Exhibition Centers, Showrooms.