GOLDEN TURBOVENT is a combination of both natural and forced air ventilation system. It is a free spinning roof ventilator which works on free wind energy. It functions as a natural ventilator when there is a difference in thermal or wind pressure between the inside and outside of the building which forces the air to move through the opening of the ventilator. It also acts as a forced ventilation system when the TURBOVENT rotates to create a negative pressure within the building. Cooler air from outside will rush into the negative space within the building in order to maintain an equilibrium condition.
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  • Globally accepted Technology
  • Available in Neck dia. 4,12,14,16,18,21,24,28,32 & 36 Inches
  • Maintenance free "Fit and Forget"
  • No operating cost as it works on free wind energy
  • Dual benefit of natural ventilation and natural daylight at no cost
  • It is a free spinning ventilator that provides fresh air in your roof space and living area whole year round 24 hours a day at Zero operating cost
  • Light weight, strong and durable construction for resistance against extreme climatic conditions
  • Made from Industrial grade Corrosion resistant Aluminium
  • Whisper quiet in operation
  • Sealed Bearing Mechanism ensures frictionless rotation even at lowest wind velocity
  • Easy & Quick installation on any roof profile
  • Enhances the architectural and aesthetic appearance of the building
  • The FRP Venturi Dome used with TURBOVENT provides natural light during day time, thus reducing lighting load
  • Continuous positive extraction of the TURBOVENT eliminates heat, dust, fume penetration and a down-draught into the building to ensure a cleaner and healthier working environment
  • Increases productivity by promoting healthier and more comfortable working environment through proper ventilation
  • As it is a non conventional device, it qualifies for accelerated Depreciation 80% in the very first year as per the section 32 of Indian Income Tax Act.
  • Variety of models available to suite different application
  • Specially designed Stainless Steel 304 models are available for Chemical industries, Pharmaceutical industries, industries with corrosive environment and industries located on coastal areas with extremely high salt contents

Golden EDGE

  • Manufacturing widest range of Turbovents in India since 2002
  • Experience Counts, over 40000 Turbovents supplied & commissioned till February 2013
  • Rigid Spider type frame construction to withstand Cyclone, Storm and Twisters
  • 100% leak proof installation by Qualified Team
  • Aerofoil Blades, designed to prevent water and dust ingress
  • Genuine Warranty and Reliable after sales service
  • Nationwide Dealer Network


Automobile Industry, Food Industry, Textiles(Spinning, Twisting, Sizing, Weaving, Dyeing, Knitting, Processing) Chemical Industry, Engineering Industry(Large Size Vessels/ Tanks Evacuation during Welding), Pharmaceutical Industry, Boiler House, Foundry, Power Generation House, Restaurants, Green Houses, Public Halls, Residents and Many other places.

Save Maintenance Costs

  • Heat trapped in ceiling space can cause electrical wiring to dry and crack
  • Rising damp in winter cause plaster to crack and damage paint work
  • Metal fitting on roof can corrode
  • Trapped moisture causes mildew on ceiling and moulds on roofing tiles
  • By getting rid of the hot and damp air, the above problems can be eliminated


Technical Specification

Model GT-12”/16” GT-14”/18” GT-16”/20” GT-18”/22” GT-21”/28” GT-24”/30” GT-28”/34” GT-32”/37”
Turbine Diameter 16 Inch (400mm) 18 Inch (450mm) 20 Inch (510mm) 22 Inch (560mm) 28 Inch (710mm) 30 Inch (760mm) 34 Inch (860mm) 37 Inch (940mm)
Neck / Throat / Suction Diameter 12 Inch (300mm) 14 Inch (350mm) 16 Inch (400mm) 18 Inch (450mm) 21 Inch (530mm) 24 Inch (610mm) 28 Inch (710mm) 31.5 Inch (800mm)
No. of Vanes (Blades) 20 Vanes 24 Vanes 25 Vanes 28 Vanes 36 Vanes 42 Vanes 48 Vanes 52 Vanes
Height 14 Inch (350mm) 14 Inch (350mm) 16 Inch (400mm) 16 Inch (400mm) 18 Inch (460mm) 18 Inch (460mm) 18 Inch (460mm) 18 Inch (460mm)
Net Weight Approx. 1.8 Kgs 2.2 Kgs 3.5 Kgs 4 Kgs 5.2 Kgs 6 Kgs 8 Kgs 9.5 Kgs
Gross Weight Approx. 3 Kgs 3.5 Kgs 5 Kgs 5.5 Kgs 8 Kgs 9 Kgs 13 Kgs 15 Kgs
Packing Seaworthy Corrugated Boxes 5 Ply size 16”x16”x14” 5 Ply size 18”x18”x14” 5 Ply size 20”x20”x16” 5 Ply size 22”x22”x16” 5 Ply size 28”x28”x18” 5 Ply size 30”x30”x18” 7 Ply size 34”x34”x18” 7 Ply size 37”x37”x18”

Note: Golden Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. Reserves the right to make changes owing to regular product development